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The G1, a Super STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) ULA aircraft adapted for mountain flights. The G1, a safe ULA aircraft. Equipped with a survival cabin made from argon welded square tubes (25 CD 4S), it garanties maximum security for the pilots (like in Formula 1). The G1, a ULA aircraft made up of a fuselage and a wing surface made from Aluminium 2024T3 Alclad in compliance with aeronautical norms. The fuselage, fixed to the survival cabin, is made up of a load-bearing structure comprising 7 formers joined together by 5 stringers. The wing is made up of two spars with 13 ribs. The G1, a ULA aircraft equipped with wings foldable in 20 minutes. Once the wings are folded, the G1 can be taken on the road. The G1, a ULA aircraft conceived with the pilot’s comfort in mind. The cabin is one of the widest available (1m22), it is equipped with dual controls with removable sticks, it is ventilated and heated. The G1, a ULA aircraft with carefully thought out ergonomics. It is equipped


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